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"I found the program to be incredibly helpful in building awareness of some of the tendencies that cause me to feel stress at work (and at home!), and in providing concrete tools to approach my life in a more sustainable, playful and connected way. The class ultimately freed up time in my daily life because I eliminated a couple of time-wasting habits, including obsessing over some small decisions. By being aware of when I was spiraling, I was able to recenter myself more often and be more productive."

-VP, Springboard

Our research shows that high-achievers who strongly identify with this cycle:

  • Feel 31% more burned out than average

  • Experience their job as feeling 26% less sustainable

  • Are 22% more likely to be considering a job change

Our approach

Our training programs help participants develop awareness of the perfectionist cycle that many high-achievers experience

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But change is possible

Participants report the following improvements from our workplace trainings

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We've supported the talent-related goals of partners such as:


Partnership opportunities

We can work with you to develop an approach that fits your team and company needs. Typically, we partner with companies and organizations in one of three ways:

  1. Leading a standalone 60-90 minute training to support early awareness-building

  2. Providing a 3-part training for managers helping them to identify personal, management and operational changes that can support resilient patterns in place of perfectionist ones

  3. Leading our signature 12 week training program for a cohort of high-performers, designed to create the conditions for sustainable, resilient success and satisfaction

“Ashley is a skilled and thoughtful facilitator and her framework is accessible, resonant, logical, and effective. Beyond Perfect is a great blend of content, discussions, reflection, and practice. I left each session feeling grounded, inspired, and with several new tools in my work communication and stress management toolbox. Having a community along the journey helped create accountability and connection. While I saw the results most immediately at work, Beyond Perfect also helped me reduce anxiety at home as I navigated big life stressors, including buying a house, or moving, and parenting young kids. I honestly have slept better at night because of Beyond Perfect!” 


What participants are saying

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