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Take a read or listen below to hear what we have to say about topics related to perfectionism

9News Interview:
"Sharing my journey"

Beyond Perfect founder Ashley Carter joined Denver's 9News as part of their "Unpacking Perfect" series and shared her own journey with perfectionism. Take a listen to this 2-minute clip to hear her story.


Interview on
"The Saus" podcast

Tune into this episode of The Saus to dive into:
→ What perfectionism can look and feel like in our work
→ How perfectionism may have served us well early in our careers but may be the thing that is limiting us today
→ Whether we can still be high-achievers if we let go of patterns of perfectionism (spoiler alert: Hell, yes! Even more so.)
→ Why we're inspired at Beyond Perfect to work with high-achieving women in particular

Colorado Biz Magazine: Perfectionism & our careers

In this article, Beyond Perfect founder Ashley Carter writes about the impact of perfectionism in the workplace, including three strategies to try the next time you feel yourself shifting into a perfectionist way of operating. 

Recovering Perfectionist.png

The Rewards of perfectionism

We've likely been rewarded in many ways for operating as a perfectionist. Why should we change?

Tune into this 3-minute clip to hear our response.

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