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9 / 10

I left each session feeling grounded, inspired, and with several new tools in my work communication and stress management toolbox. Having a community along the journey helped create accountability and connection. While I saw the results most immediately at work, Beyond Perfect also helped me reduce anxiety at home as I navigated big life stressors, including buying a house, or moving, and parenting young kids. I honestly have slept better at night because of Beyond Perfect!


Our results at work

Participants report the following improvements in their jobs after our trainings

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Testimonials from our workplace trainings

I found the program to be incredibly helpful in building awareness of some of the tendencies that cause me to feel stress at work (and at home!), and in providing concrete tools to approach my life in a more sustainable, playful and connected way. I also believe the program is valuable even if you don’t strongly identify as a perfectionist, in part to gain greater awareness of societal patterns and healthy mental practices and/or to better understand how to support colleagues with perfectionist tendencies. The class ultimately freed up time in my daily life because I eliminated a couple of time-wasting habits, including obsessing over some small decisions. By being aware of when I was spiraling, I was able to recenter myself more often and be more productive.


Our results beyond work

Participants report the following improvements in their lives outside of work

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Testimonials from our signature training

This was a truly life-changing course for me. I met so many amazing women entrepreneurs, CEOs, etc., and we had so much in common. This course normalized my life of feeling I needed to be perfect: be the perfect mom, have the perfect house, do everything to the 100th degree, all while feeling underappreciated, exhausted and burnt out! It helped me find the roots of my perfectionism and gave me tools to move forward anew. I now get even more done, but I enjoy the ride instead of only the destination! I never knew how much my perfectionism was standing in the way of my happiness. I cannot recommend this course enough! 


Our participants feel empowered

"To what degree do you feel you have resources, tools or strategies to support you in your efforts to manage your perfectionism?"

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