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The gifts of imperfection

We spend so much time trying to wash away our imperfections, uproot them, hide them from view.

We spend so much energy fighting against the reality of who we are.

How would your world change if you chose to believe that who you are – with your particular blend of strengths and weaknesses – is exactly who you are supposed to be?

What if it turns out that your imperfections are the very thing that cause you to:

→ Seek connection with others, relying on community in a way that makes life worth living?

→ Draw clear boundaries, knowing what line you will and will not cross at work?

→ Fight for justice, sharing love with others put in impossibly imperfect situations?

→ Make room for play and rest, letting others take pride in caring for you along the way?

In what ways are your imperfections not so imperfect after all?

Can you join me this week in seeing what happens when we believe that we are exactly who we are supposed to be?

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