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Stuck in an exhausting pattern of perfectionism?

Join our inspiring community to leave those patterns behind

Making the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do. Enter Beyond Perfect, a training program that brings together an inspiring community of women focused on building the balanced and meaningful lives they long for. Our programs help high-achievers better understand their perfectionist patterns, discover ways to break free of the perfectionist cycle, and build a foundation for lasting change.

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You have this feeling there is more to life

Like many who have participated in Beyond Perfect, you may be a high-achieving professional with a reputation for being reliable and conscientious but who is, underneath the surface, overwhelmed, overworked or verging on burnout. Or you may be a mom who craves the promised joy of parenting, but who is stuck in an exhausting cycle of trying to be the mom you see in books, blogs, and on Instagram. Or you may be a woman who feels on guard with friends, who feels shame about her body, who feels trapped in a pattern of trying to be the person those around her want her to be – fearful of stepping fully into the life you want to lead.


Deep down, you know there was a time your perfectionist approach served you well but that it is now preventing you from leading the full, joyful, connected life you deeply desire.  

We see you!

Because we are one of you. Like you, we want to thrive professionally – but figure out how to have the boundaries that make work enjoyable in the way it once was. We understand you want to know what “good enough” looks like, and to have the courage to let go of what doesn’t truly matter. We know how much you want to be loved by your friends, your partner, your kids (and yourself!) for who you really are; to breathe a sigh of relief just knowing you can relax, have fun, and be yourself around them. Like us, you may crave the ability to parent from a place of authenticity and joy, building the type of loving relationship with your kids that can weather the challenges and imperfections life throws our way. 

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We can help you get there

When you join one of our trainings you’ll work to better understand your perfectionist patterns, practice approaches to move beyond the perfectionist cycle, and build a supportive community of inspiring women along the way. 


With our research-backed program, you can expect to make meaningful progress in understanding your own perfectionist patterns, feel supported in your efforts to try different approaches, and experience the joy and satisfaction that comes with breaking free from the perfectionist cycle. 

But don’t just take it from us! Learn more about program results and what others are saying.

We know it can feel scary, but believe us, it’s worth it.

As is the case for so many high-achieving women, a perfectionist approach may have helped you succeed in your earlier life. But like us, you may be finding that you’re stuck in a perfectionist cycle of trying harder, working harder, sleeping less, blaming yourself, and looking to others to try to figure out what you must be doing wrong.


The good news is that you can break free from this cycle! And we can help you so that you don’t have to do it alone.


It may feel scary to let go of your perfectionist approach (and the good news is that you don’t have to leave all of it behind!), but our research speaks for itself in illustrating why it’s so valuable to invest in this change. Our research indicates that those who strongly identify as perfectionists are:

  • 29% more burned out than average 

  • 21% more likely to be contemplating a job change 

  • 20% less satisfied with the quality of their mental health 

  • 14% less satisfied with their lives overall

  • 13% more fearful of failure than average

  • Work an additional 260 hours per year more on average


But our results show that change is possible. Beyond Perfect participants are making meaningful progress in addressing burnout and reducing their perfectionism at work, in romantic relationships, in parenting, in friendships – and even in their creative endeavors and spiritual lives!

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Our results

“How likely are you to recommend Beyond Perfect to a friend?”

“I left each session feeling grounded, inspired, and with several new tools in my work communication and stress management toolbox. Having a community along the journey helped create accountability and connection. While I saw the results most immediately at work, Beyond Perfect also helped me reduce anxiety at home as I navigated big life stressors, including buying a house, or moving, and parenting young kids. I honestly have slept better at night because of Beyond Perfect!”  - Liz



9 / 10

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We’ve helped high-achieving women hailing from:

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