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Biscuit baking and perfectionism

One unexpected benefit of letting go of patterns of perfectionism? I make my Grandmother’s famous biscuit recipe often these days.

I am not a cook. My fear of “getting it wrong” has meant I’ve never strayed off the instructions of the recipes I follow. But my Grandmother’s famous biscuit recipe was never written down. To make it, I have to trust my gut, go with the flow, feel the dough take shape in my hands.

My Grandmother’s biscuits won blue-ribbons in Georgia bake offs. They delighted everyone she made them for. They were the staple of all holidays, traditions and family time together.

And now, I get to see the joy in my daughters’ eyes when I tell them I’m making Grandmother’s biscuits. They love watching as I mix the ingredients, and I relish teaching them how to feel the dough come to life, knowing the recipe will never be written down, will never be perfectly followed.

I’m so grateful that giving up patterns of perfectionism has given me the gift of staying connected to a Grandmother I adored – and the gift of passing that love along to my daughters.

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