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It's a tough time to be an employee right now

It’s a tough time to be an employee right now. I’m seeing this in the corporate trainings I lead.

We all expect ourselves to be perfect. We expect each other to be perfect.

But we’re stretched beyond capacity. We’re doing the work of multiple people. We have partners at home looking for work. We’re trying desperately to solve impossible problems.

But holding ourselves to a standard of perfection isn’t helping. It’s making us rigid. Afraid. Exhausted. Lonely. Farther away than ever from succeeding in the ways we want.

Participants in my trainings are sharing the way perfectionism is hurting them at work:

→ “Beating myself up trying to be the perfect mom and professional”

→ “Not trying something new because I will be less than perfect at it”

→ “Inability to disconnect work from home life”

→ “Constantly tweaking and redrafting”

But they’ve also identified the impact it will have to leave behind these perfectionist patterns:

→ “Ability to learn from mistakes”

→ “More willingness to take a creative approach”

→ “Creating a more inclusive environment for my team”

→ “Asking questions without fear of judgment”

Be kind out there. We’re all trying so hard to be perfect. In ways that are impossible, that may lead us to break. Be kind and remind others that perfect is not just impossible, it gets in the way of what we actually all want.

Who in your life needs to hear this message today?

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