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Make way for excellence

I often field the question, “How can I succeed in my job if I let go of my perfectionist standards?”

Over time, as we become someone known for executing perfectly at work, we increasingly feel pressure to show up that way in every situation. We try to continuously prove and re-prove to ourselves and others that we are that we are people who can operate at that standard.

Over time, we start to crumble under this impossible weight.

When we stop trying to prove (and re-prove) we’re perfect, we make way for excellence.

→ We create from a place of excitement and openness, not fear and rigidity.

→ We grow from missteps, ditching the shame that freezes us in place.

→ We say “yes” to help, replacing the exhaustion and loneliness that comes from doing everything on our own.

What excellent things would follow if you stopped the endless cycle of trying to prove and re-prove you can maintain an impossible standard?

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