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My motivation for doing this work

THIS is my motivation for doing the work I do at Beyond Perfect.

It’s moments like these that make the hard work, the vulnerability, the uncertainty of this whole undertaking feel worth it:

Decorating our family’s little Charlie Brown Christmas tree, not worrying about creating “perfect” memories that also look Pinterest-perfect in photos.

Instead, tuning in with love, presence and gratitude to the warm moments in between the imperfect ones.

Giggling together at the lights strung criss-cross across the tree branches, not secretly moving ornaments imperfectly placed by our 3-year-old.

Modeling genuine self-compassion with several shattered ornaments.

Knowing the night may still end with some tears, but knowing that doesn’t mean the whole thing was a failure.

Trusting our girls will remember feeling loved for who they are. Grateful for feeling so loved by them back.

I’m so thankful to get to do the holidays this year with my perfectionism in the backseat. Sure, it will make an appearance now and then in the coming weeks (I can guarantee it), but I’m so excited I get to experience the warmth of this season with the confidence that I have tools to manage my perfectionist patterns when they make an appearance.

I hope you’ll join our inspiring community of women in the new year and tap into these same gifts – waiting for us on the other side when we’re willing to let these patterns go.

Our next cohort launches on February 8. Learn more or sign up here:

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