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Perfect on paper life

Shout out to all those who've decided that living a “perfect on paper” life just isn’t good enough.

So many of you have shared some version of this with me: “I checked all the boxes, but now I’m wondering, is this really it?”

We work so hard to get good grades, go to good schools, get good jobs, find the right partner – to build the perfect-on-paper life – but so many of us feel emptier and lonelier by the day.

But to all of you wondering, “Is this really it?”, I want you to know that it does not have to be.

We can reinvent ourselves in big ways, and better yet in small ways. Choosing what truly matters to us in any given moment over what checks all the right boxes on paper.

Choosing to be present with your kids instead of answering that email. Taking that meeting while on a walk. Ditching the “must-do” activities and spending time with your family in ways you like. Chasing after that career that makes sense to no one else but you.

What are the ways your “perfect-on-paper” life is standing in the way of your “imperfect-but-perfect-to-you” life?

Drop your ideas in the comments and help inspire the rest of us: What are you doing this week in service of choosing imperfect-but-perfect-to-you?

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