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Rediscovering the gifts of inconvenience

As perfectionists, we so often strive for convenience. But isn’t it so often the inconvenient moments that make life worth living?

→ We want to complete our work without delay.

→ We want to accomplish with zero friction.

→ We want experiences, meals, entertainment delivered to our door.

I have been so easily seduced by the promises of convenience in the past. To a perfectionist, there is little that’s more attractive than a day, a process, an experience without disruption.

But in the end, it’s the inconveniences that yield greater joy, insight and success:

→ The unplanned conversations in the middle of a busy day that remind us of what matters

→ The projects or jobs gone awry that lead to something better in their place

→ The days spent sick that give our family the chance to slow down and just BE

Drop a note in the comments: What inconvenience has ended up making life worth living?

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