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Thank you, Encanto

Proud Mom moment over here. My 5-year-old daughter watched Encanto this weekend and, when I asked her what she thought the moral of the story was, she gave it some thought and said:

“I think the moral is that we should try our best, but sometimes not being perfect IS actually perfect. And that only love is perfect.”

So often, I don’t get it right as a mom. But in this moment, it felt like the many months of sharing little thoughts on the impossibility of “perfect” actually mattered, were adding up to making a difference.

My daughters are my biggest motivator in my work to let go of perfectionist patterns. And they help me see the work I’m doing in my own life matters.

My encouragement for you this week: Focus on your “why” for letting go of patterns of perfectionism in your life. Let that give you courage to start believing that “not being perfect IS actually perfect.”

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