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The double standard of perfectionism as a woman

As women, the world around us so often demands us to be perfect: In our parenting, in our jobs, in our relationships, in our care of our homes and bodies.

But when we try to meet these standards, it’s threatening. Many are put off. Some hope we’ll ask ourselves, “who do you think you are?”

So often, we undermine ourselves as a result. We make ourselves small. Non-threatening. And continue to try to walk a tightrope of being perfect in the ways we’re expected…but not so perfect that we turn others off along the way.

But there’s a different answer. One where we don’t contort ourselves to the image of what’s “perfect” in the eyes of others. One where we don’t make ourselves small in the process. One where we stand firm in knowing who we are, valuing who we are, seeing our imperfections as human and beautiful, owning and sharing our strengths with the world.

Let’s stop making ourselves small as we try to achieve perfect-but-not-too-perfect. Where can you stand tall in knowing-trusting-valuing who you are this week?

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