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The power of playfulness for perfectionists

Tune into this short clip from my recent interview with my friend, Badass Mom and "fun guru" Kelly Donahue. In this clip, you'll hear us talk about:

-How leaning into a mindset of playfulness helps us overcome our fear of failure

-How choosing "fun" over showing up as "perfect" has ripple effects for our loved ones

-How powerful it is to start small, with a little shift - and to make sure we celebrate along the way

I experienced all of this when I decided to confront one of my biggest fears in life: singing in public.

I can't wait for you to get to experience the power of choosing playfulness over trying to be perfect as well. Apply today to our fall cohort of Beyond Perfect - 11 days remain to apply and we have a few spots left in our small group of inspiring women.

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