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Three approaches to try

"So what can I do when I feel myself falling into perfectionist ways of operating?"

This is a question I hear often from the many women I meet who want to let go of some of their perfectionist patterns.

I wish there was an “easy button” when it comes to letting go of the patterns of perfectionism that limit our professional success and personal satisfaction.

Lasting progress in this arena requires intentional practice, unwinding of long-held assumptions, some initial discomfort – and ideally a supportive community by your side cheering you on as you go.

That said, even taking a first small step can help us experience the relief, pride and satisfaction that goes hand-in-hand with breaking free of the perfectionist trap. Try out one of these approaches the next time you feel yourself shifting into a perfectionist way of operating:

→ Start questioning the expectations and goals you set for yourself. Are they grounded in reality, or do they reflect the unreasonable standards of a perfectionist? Do they focus on the one thing that matters most, or do they assume that everything matters?

→ Notice the unconscious rules and policies you live by in your work life. Are any of these rules rooted in an excessive standard of perfectionism? One of my own perfectionist rules that I’ve lived by in the past is “I should run through every work presentation as many times as possible before giving it.” As I started to question this rule, I freed up my time for more important work and my presentations shifted from polished and rigid to creative and connecting.

→ Turn to a list of 2-3 actions you can reliably take to jumpstart yourself into a different mindset when you feel yourself falling into perfectionist patterns. My top three actions include a brief outdoor walk, shaking it out to “This Is Me” by Keala Settle, and sending a silly GIF to my husband that reflects my mood and helps me take things a little less seriously.

Join my free training next Thursday, November 10 to learn more about how we can start to transcend patterns of perfectionism at work - experiencing relief, resilience and satisfaction in our jobs in the process.

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