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Warmth > Perfection

My new year’s affirmation: Warmth > Perfection.

We love to set goals at the new year that will help us become *just* a little more perfect.

But perfect is not what I long for anymore. A warm, loving home is pretty much all that matters to me these days.

So this year, I’m not:

→ Resolving to spend more time at the gym

→ Finding the perfect time management system

→ Committing to new and better family activities

Instead, I will remind myself daily to choose warmth over perfection. To hug my kids more and nag them less. To choose caring for colleagues instead of impressing them. To give more generously of my time in place of guarding it. To trust in the resilience of my family instead of mitigating constantly against potential risk.

I will be imperfect in this endeavor. And that’s okay. Because the goal is not to become more perfect in these ways. But to remind myself daily that love and warmth is what I’m after – and that being “perfect” won’t get me there, but leaning into messiness will.

Warmth > Perfection.

What can you prioritize over being perfect in 2023?

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