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Beyond Perfect

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Signature training

“I left each session feeling grounded, inspired, and with several new tools in my work communication and stress management toolbox. Having a community along the journey helped create accountability and connection. While I saw the results most immediately at work, Beyond Perfect also helped me reduce anxiety at home as I navigated big life stressors, including buying a house, or moving, and parenting young kids. I honestly have slept better at night because of Beyond Perfect!” - Liz

We're here to help you live the joyful, balanced, authentic life you deeply desire

As is the case for so many high-achieving women, you know there was a time your perfectionist approach served you well – helping you succeed in ways that mattered to you. But like so many of us, you’re realizing that these same perfectionist patterns are now preventing you from leading the life you imagined for yourself – that you’re stuck in a perfectionist cycle of trying harder, working harder, sleeping less, blaming yourself, and looking to others to try to figure out what you must be doing wrong.


The good news is that you can go beyond this cycleAnd we can help you so that you don’t have to do it alone.


When you join Beyond Perfect, you’ll make meaningful progress in understanding your own perfectionist patterns, feel supported in your efforts to try different approaches, and experience the joy and satisfaction that comes with going beyond the perfectionist cycle. And you’ll do all of this with an inspiring, supportive community of women around you.

Our results

“How likely are you to recommend Beyond Perfect to a friend?”


9.2 / 10

“Thank you so much. I am so grateful for the progress I've made, and I’m looking forward to what continues to crystalize in the future. This is going to be truly life-changing for so many women!” -Claire

Enjoying Nature

With our research-backed approach, you can expect to:

  • Understand where perfectionism came from for you, identifying the specific ways it once served you well but now limits professional success and personal satisfaction

  • Recognize your own unique perfectionist patterns so that you can easily spot them when they make an appearance 

  • Determine where you do and do not want to reduce perfectionism in your life

  • Practice engaging with wide range of specific tools, strategies and approaches that you can deploy in place of perfectionism when you spot it

  • Have the language and confidence needed to communicate with others in your life about the changes you are making

  • Build a community of inspiring women who offer ongoing support, insight and encouragement

  • Experience the relief, satisfaction and pride that comes from breaking free from the perfectionist cycle

Curious if you're a good fit for Beyond Perfect?

Watch this brief video to determine whether you're stuck in the perfectionist cycle.

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How it works

We meet via Zoom for an hour each week over the course of 12 weeks.


Upon completion of your application, you’ll be matched with a Learning Pod, a group of 8-10 women who will walk side-by-side with you on this journey.


As part of each weekly session, we’ll cover a specific topic designed to help you break free of the perfectionist cycle, with opportunities for reflection and application with your Learning Pod designed into each session.


Each week, you’ll have access to questions to support additional, optional reflection – and we’ll encourage you try out an approach covered in the session. This takes very little time, just commitment and intention! 


Along the way, you’ll have the chance to continue the conversation in a private communication channel with your Learning Pod and others in the program.

We’ve helped high-achieving women hailing from:


Have questions?

We've got answers.

When and where does the group meet? 

We meet via Zoom for an hour each week over the course of 10 weeks. Join our interest list to be the first to hear about meeting times for cohorts in 2023. 

How do I know if I’m the right fit for Beyond Perfect?

While many participants in Beyond Perfect identify strongly as perfectionists, others see perfectionistic patterns or tendencies in only one or a few areas of their lives. Read a bit more here about the type of people that tend to benefit most from the Beyond Perfect experience.

Does the group focus on perfectionism in specific areas of life?

The high-achieving women in Beyond Perfect are excited to tackle perfectionism in a range of areas, including work, parenting, their romantic relationships, their physical appearance, their home lives, their friendships, their creative endeavors and their spiritual lives - to name a few! Participants in Beyond Perfect often come to the group wanting to work on perfectionism in specific aspects of their lives and report making progress in those areas. Often, however, participants identify that perfectionism is at work in other aspects of their lives that they had little awareness of when they started the program. Read testimonials and program results here!

What is the value of the group format? 

Past participants in Beyond Perfect have shared that the community aspect of the program is one of the most powerful elements of the experience. Hearing other women share their experiences helps you understand you're not alone, provides insight into a range of perspectives and approaches, and also helps hold up a mirror to some of the areas where you may not fully see your perfectionism at work.

Is this similar to therapy or a substitute for it?

No. The Beyond Perfect experience is for learning and community-building purposes, and does not constitute therapy, a therapeutic relationship, medical care or medical advice. Ashley is not trained or licensed in any way to provide therapy. Read more about Ashley’s background here.

What is the cost?

Join our interest list to be the first to hear about early bird pricing for our 2023 cohorts. The Beyond Perfect fee is inclusive of the 10-week training, a group discussion forum in between sessions, ongoing access to all materials and resources, and a supportive alumni community. Many participants have successfully sought partial or full reimbursement from their employer for this fee, given the benefits this program has in the workplace (see below). Each cohort has one or more seats reserved for a partial scholarship; the program application asks if you would like to discuss such a scholarship. Based on past participant experience, this will be a very worthy investment in yourself, your career, and your loved ones!

How do I seek reimbursement from my employer?

Many employers have budgets available for employee professional development, training or wellness. Many participants have successfully sought partial or full reimbursement from their employer for the Beyond Perfect fee, given the benefits this program has in the workplace, including greater job satisfaction, decreased burnout, increased creativity, improved management and communication skills. It is for these reasons that Beyond Perfect offers corporate training programs. See here for materials and a letter you can customize to submit to your employer or contact us if additional resources are needed.

What is the time commitment?

Weekly sessions are 1-hour each and are a mix of training, discussion and coaching. Those who benefit most will commit to spending at least 15 minutes each week on the "homework" assigned between sessions.

What does the application process involve?

The first step is to submit your application! Many participants have indicated that even the application alone offered a valuable opportunity to reflect. As part of that application, you can indicate whether you would like to schedule a 15-to-30 minute call with Ashley to discuss any questions on your mind. We will review your application to ensure you will benefit from the Beyond Perfect experience and invite you to join if so!

I see that the program is for women. Can you share more about this? 

Yes, Beyond Perfect currently focuses on women given the high prevalence of perfectionism in high-achieving women, but we may expand that focus in the future. We define “women” as people who were born as women, socialized as women, or identify as women. If this does not describe you but you are still interested in working together, please consider executive coaching or contact us!

Still have questions?

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