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Joining the 9News Series on Perfectionism!

Today I had the exciting opportunity to share my journey with perfectionism as part of 9News’s Unpacking Perfect series. Thank you, KUSA-TV, 9NEWS, for shining a light on the topic of perfectionism and helping people see they are not alone in grappling with it!

Participating in this interview required me to put into action everything I’ve learned as part of my journey to unwind patterns of perfectionism in my own life. In the past, I likely would have spent days in nervous anticipation of this interview, scripting my talking points and perfect sound bites, and feeling compelled to provide a story that felt “worthy” of viewers’ time. Instead, I only allowed myself to turn my attention to this interview morning, made note of my excitement for the opportunity in my gratitude journal, and decided that the best and only thing I could bring to this interview was my own, authentic story. I knew that I would fumble over some of my story along the way – and I did! – but I also recognized that the heart and vulnerability I shared would matter more at the end of the day than how perfectly articulate I was. I’m not saying I “nailed” taking a less-than-perfect approach to this interview about perfectionism, ha. ;) I certainly had my moments of feeling nervous along the way, worrying about the clothes I selected and hoping I would come across in a connecting, credible way. But I’m proud that I was able to take a more relaxed, authentic and grateful approach to this experience than I would have in the past.

Stay tuned in later this fall for the short video 9News puts together coming out of today!

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