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My top two practices as a recovering perfectionist

Savoring THIS helped me get through the ups and downs of 2022.

But this week, I almost walked right past this view without noticing it.

I allowed myself to go down the rabbit hole of "getting just one more thing done" on my phone during my walk. And when I happened to look up, this view was stretched out in front of me. I almost completely missed it. In 2022, I developed a disciplined practice around putting my phone away and going on an hour-long walk a few times a week, up a windy road where this view is the payoff. This regular walk, plus a daily gratitude practice, are the two routines I personally integrate into my life from a long list of practices I recommend to recovering perfectionists as part of our Beyond Perfect signature training. And even better for me is combining the two pushing myself to notice and savor the things I'm grateful for while out on this regular walk. I don't do this perfectly; some weeks I don't walk at all, and other times my mind wanders to my to-do list as I go. But I stick with it nonetheless. I know what you're thinking: "Easy for you to do with beauty out your backdoor." And you're not wrong. But this practice can be taken anywhere. While traveling, I find that getting out on a walk in the city with the purpose of noticing and appreciating does wonders for my ability to loosen the grip of perfectionism. Committing to a practice like this can be a game-changer for our mindset, for how we approach the rest of our day and week. But you've got to find the practice that works for you, that you can realistically integrate against the backdrop of an imperfect reality. As we head into 2023, what practice can you integrate into your routine that will jumpstart you out of a perfectionist mindset and into one that is more grateful, attentive, playful or trusting? I'd love to hear what works for you!

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