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Perfectionism is a muscle

MYTH: We are born as perfectionists, with little ability to change. FACT: Perfectionism is simply a muscle that we have developed over time, for very good reasons. It has likely served us well in many ways in the past, or has protected us along the way.

The problem comes in when we over-develop this muscle and default to using it in nearly every situation – even when it may not be appropriate or effective.

As with any approach to physical training, we can develop new muscles that we can flex in place of or in addition to our perfectionist muscle. We’ll still have our perfectionist muscle, and we’ll still flex it from time to time. But we can feel confident in our ability to put other muscles into action, recognizing that there are a range of possible approaches to any given situation – not just the perfectionist approach we have defaulted to for so long.

Join us and start building new muscles we can flex in addition to our perfectionist muscle. We’ll develop these muscles together as an inspiring group of women committed to letting go of patterns of perfectionism.

Oh and yeah: That photo is an embarrassing and highly imperfect attempt to flex my own very little bicep muscle. :)

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