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Reflections from our closing session

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

“I’ve learned it’s fairly simple to make small changes that go a long way.”

That’s what one of the participants of our most recent Beyond Perfect cohort shared as we compared notes on our learnings during our final session together. As part of the Beyond Perfect experience, she chose to identify creative ways to cultivate and express gratitude. In the process, her relationships with her family began to feel more loving, affectionate and authentic again.

Others shared ways they had grown and changed by supporting each other to reduce patterns of perfectionism. Some themes included:

  • Having greater awareness of our perfectionist beliefs and patterns is game-changing; it arms us with the understanding we need to choose a different approach.

  • Speaking of different approaches, leaning into playfulness in place of perfectionism is powerful. It’s enabling deeper and more genuine connection with our partners and kids.

  • We’re learning to rebuild trust in our authentic, “imperfect” selves, asking ourselves what we truly want (versus what we perceive others to want from us) and confidently communicating that.

  • Similarly, we’re learning what “good enough” looks like and discerning when to choose it over “perfect”; and we’re also learning it’s okay to say “no” and doesn’t mean we’re a failure.

  • At work, we’ve noticed we’re focusing more and multitasking less, choosing to really listen to others in meetings in place of always preparing our next “perfectly polished” comments.

  • We’re recognizing where our expectations of others are as unrealistic as the expectations we have on ourselves, allowing us to engage with colleagues, friends and family with greater kindness.

  • And lastly, perhaps most importantly, we now know we’re not alone. We’re taking immense comfort in knowing that it makes a world of sense that we’ve developed the approaches we have, that others share in those experiences, and that we have each others’ backs as we continue to lean into the more fulfilled, connected and balanced lives we are creating for ourselves!

It may feel impossible now, but change is possible – especially when you have an inspiring group of women around you to cheer you on along the way. Stay tuned in the coming days for an announcement about doors opening for our next cohort, coming your way in spring 2023!

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