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Why the group format?

Want to know why I structure the Beyond Perfect as a group experience? Past participants in Beyond Perfect have shared that the community aspect of the program is one of the most powerful elements of the experience. Hearing other women share their experiences helps you understand you're not alone, creates the conditions for inspiration, accountability and long-lasting community, provides insight into a range of perspectives and approaches, and also helps hold up a mirror to some of the areas where you may not fully see your perfectionism at work.

Our spring cohort of Beyond Perfect just reconvened for a reunion, and the warmth in the Zoom room was palpable. We loved swapping notes on how we’re each doing, where we had “wins” to celebrate on our ongoing journeys to let go of perfectionist tendencies, and where we wanted each other’s ideas and support.

Moving beyond patterns of perfectionism doesn’t have to be lonely. We can go on this journey together, in community with other inspiring, committed women. You’ll develop bonds that support you on your journey in Beyond Perfect, and well beyond the experience as well.

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