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Beyond Perfect

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"I found the program to be incredibly helpful in building awareness of some of the tendencies that cause me to feel stress at work (and at home!), and in providing concrete tools to approach my life in a more sustainable, playful and connected way. I also believe the program is valuable even if you don’t strongly identify as a perfectionist, in part to gain greater awareness of societal patterns and healthy mental practices and/or to better understand how to support colleagues with perfectionist tendencies. The class ultimately freed up time in my daily life because I eliminated a couple of time-wasting habits, including obsessing over some small decisions."

-Stanford MBA graduate

Register for our upcoming training, designed for Stanford alums

Friday, July 29

8am PDT / 11am EDT

As part of this free training, Beyond Perfect Founder and CEO Ashley Carter (MBA '13) will describe what the perfectionist cycle looks like for high-achieving women, along with tools and approaches to move beyond that cycle. (Recording will be sent to all who register.)


We've helped Stanford graduates live the full, joyful, connected lives they desire

Beyond Perfect Founder and CEO Ashley Carter (MBA '13) intimately understands the gifts of a Stanford education -- including the learning, friendships and brand that go hand-in-hand with the experience. And she also knows all-too-well how the weight of the expectations that come with the degree can cause some women to get stuck in exhausting patterns of perfectionism. 

Those experiences led her to design Beyond Perfect, a 10-week program focused on helping high-achieving women better understand their perfectionism, practice approaches to go beyond the perfectionist cycle, and build a supportive community of like-minded women along the way. Upon completion, participants have ongoing access to resources, inspiration and support as part of the Beyond Perfect alumni community.


Past participants, many of them Stanford grads, have shared that they have made meaningful progress in understanding their perfectionist patterns, now feel equipped to use more effective and sustainable approaches, and have experienced the joy, pride, and satisfaction that comes with going beyond the perfectionist cycle. 

Our results

“How likely are you to recommend Beyond Perfect to a friend?”


9.7 / 10

“Thank you so much. I am so grateful for the progress I've made, and I’m looking forward to what continues to crystalize in the future. This is going to be truly life-changing for so many women!” -Claire

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